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A personalized itinerary for you to discover all the novelties of the fantastic world of fashion.
Image consultancy for everyone, shopping and much more.

” The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you !”

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Benefits of  Pro2grow

I will check between what you already have the suitable clothes and accessories and then I will complete your wardrobe by purchasing pieces tailored for you.

Personal Shopper

Personalized and exclusive itineraries accompanied by an expert in the sector.

Image consulting

For you who are aware that the image is your first business card.


Coaching for Companies & for Fashion Retail.

…and more!

Enter the Services section and look for the service tailored to you.

You should be  aware that the image is your first “business card”, the opportunity to choose one of our many proposals but, if you do not find what you are looking for or if you want to receive more information, contact us directly!”

Outlet Tour

What better opportunity to be accompanied in the most popular shopping districts of northern Italy by an expert Personal Shopper who will be able to direct you to “real” business.

Tailored Clothing

Whether it’s a garment or an accessory, I will follow you step by step from the creative process to the choice of material, to the intermediate tests up to the withdrawal of the final product.  

Your dream will soon become reality at a price that will surprise you.

What Others Say


I booked Ayachi Farès as a personal shopper, as a surprise for my husband on our weekend visit to Milan. Her services are very professional and she really listened and tuned into his individual needs. Overall my husband had a great shopping experience and it will be a lasting memory for him.

Anna Olson

 / Fashion Blogger


Thank you Farès for the wonderful time spent shopping together. It was a pleasure to get advice and to be shown the best stores in a city! My teenage daughter and me enjoyed your company and can’t wait to come back to Milan and repeat it all over again!

Emma Stewart 

/ Fashion Blogger


A few months ago, I was looking for a personal shopper and image consultant in Milan and was very fortunate to find Farès he is top-notch and I highly recommend her services.

Julie Moore

/ Fashion Blogger

Very Important Choice Section

I will help you develop your potential by building an ideal image step by step that reflects who you really are.

My name is ...
Ayachi Farès

Pro2grow was born in 2010 from an idea of Anna Maria Lamanna.

Born and raised in Paris, after graduating inFashion Design, he gained his most significant professional experiences with various fashion companies present on both the national and international scene.

As Fashion Coordinator he transversely deals with everything related to the conception, realization, sale and communication of the product.

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